Regulatory Compliance

Structuring of Operations as per National Telecom Policy (NTP) !

Telecom Regulatory Compliances

  • Evaluating Service & Licensing Requirement.
  • Setting up of the Service Platform.
  • Co-Location with Telco’s/ Data Centre/Software Technology Park of India( STPI).
  • Mandatory BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Certification of Electronic & IT hardware.
  • Identifying and Sourcing of TEC Approved Telecom Gear.
  • TEC Service Approvals.
  • TEC Equipment Approvals.
  • Structuring of Operations as per National Telecom Policy (NTP).
  • Setting up Customer support as per Telecom Policy.
  • Implementation of the QA as per TRAI Guidelines.
  • Filing of Various Timely Returns/ Compliances as per Licensing Requirements to the DOT HQ, TRAI, Concerned TERM (Telecom Enforcement & Resource Management) Cells, and respective CCA (Chief Controller of Account) office.
  • Regular Interaction with the concerned Authorities regarding Policy related issues.
  • Implementation of the Policy Changes as and when it becomes Applicable.