Mergers & Acquisitions

Company match with perfect Synergy!

Merger & Acquisition

  • Company match with perfect Synergy.
  • Market entry in Telecom/IT/ITES/Call Centre Domain.
  • Verticals covered-IT, Telecom, ITES, Call Centre’s, IT/Telecom/Electronics Equipment Manufacturers, Telecom Passive Infrastructure Companies IP-1, Tower Companies, ISP’s, Telco’s, VAS Operators.
  • State of the Art Technology.
  • Use a foreign brand to build your market.
  • Take your company to the next level.

We will arrange a well-suited match (via merger, acquisition, or collaboration) for your company

  • Merger & Acquisition.
  • Cash-out & divestment.
  • Collaboration: technology transfer or brand licensing.

A serial acquirer with ideal marriage grows three times faster than others

When you seek to acquire, we help you start from the basics and reach each step of the way.

  • M&A strategy & target identification.
  • Deal pipeline management.
  • Valuation & analytics.
  • Lead negotiations.
  • Financial, operational & strategic due diligence and facilitation.
  • Integration planning, development of governance mechanisms and bodies.
  • Post-transaction integration.

And the key difference versus traditional merchant bankers is that we have run businesses, we have gone through transitions like this in businesses. We have been in your place, we not only bring skill, we understand.

Cashing Out/ Exiting Business

When you are looking to exit your business, we help you evaluate the best course of action.

  • Sale to a strategic foreign or Indian buyer.
  • Sale to a private equity group.
  • Generational transition / sale.
  • Management buyout.
  • Buyout a partner / minority shareholder.
  • Recapitalization.
  • Merger.
  • Divestiture.

After the selection of the route to move ahead, we help you identify your company’s strengths, and add value to the defined package by value discovery, e.g., would it take a new company 3 years just to get the certifications and status of qualified bidder that a client company has got? The client may not focus on it, but we would rationally calculate and ascribe a value. And a logical buyer would check the figures, and often arrive at a similar figure in his own mind.

Based on what you desire, and what is your core need, we arrange the best-matched transaction.